Monday, 17 June 2013

Baby news and Father's Day

Lots of news and Father's Day to tell you about so let's get started...

First the bad news. I've lost my home start volunteer. Apparently they are losing part of their funding plus I am too organised. Boo! Jo came every other Friday and just helped out. Life in the baby zoo is much easier with another keeper at work. Charlie has a big crush on her and the rest of us will miss her too. She promises to keep in touch. Fingers crossed.

The two grandparents came up at the same time and chatted about their lovely grandchildren (all of them). They also discovered a mutual obsession with computer games - you didn't think Matt and I came from nowhere did you? We also got some sunshine and ran into the garden to enjoy it. 

Beth looking super cool
 As you can see Beth was in her element. She is very close to walking now. She pulls herself around furniture at great speed and has taken standing for long periods unaided then diving at people. She is super cute, when she wants to be, beeping her nose and doing 'round and round the garden' on her own hand whilst looking at you with those huge eyes. She's also what is technically termed a handful as she wriggles away when you are trying to dress her or throws toast on the floor like she is feeding ducks. The health visitor came today and she's still on the 2nd percentile at 16 pound 4. 

Lex enjoying standing
 Lex is teaching himself to stand up. He needs his hands holding to get up but is a little too optimistic because once he is up he tries to pull his hands away so he can clap himself! This does not go well. He is saying a few more words - 'gan' for 'again' and today he said 'Ma, Ma' for the first time. I got a little too excited by this. He does love his mummy so much that he has a habit of biting her. Izzy, the nanny, thinks he is confused about how to kiss. Very confused! He weighs in at 22 pounds and is on the 50th percentile - so he's average which means he's caught up with babies born at full term. 

Charlie enjoying sitting
 Charlie is crawling around like a loon and has decided he might try this sitting up lark. He said 'Ma,Ma' this weekend so I have the triple now! His favourite word is still 'wait.' This word is said to him a lot as he loves knocking down towers but won't wait long enough to let you build them before he knocks them down.  There is video evidence of this and I must work out how to get them on here. Charlie is now 18 pound 7 and between the 2nd and the 9th percentiles. Mummy and Daddy want him to get to 20 pounds so we can move him into a forward facing car seat. Come on Charlie!

Lex, Charlie and Beth

Sunday was Father's Day and the babies wore these tshirts for daddy. Daddy had been out the night before for a rare alcohol included night and so on Sunday whilst he was not tragic he could certainly see it from where he was. Luckily he rallied and we managed to wrangle the babies enough to get a photo.

Lex, Daddy, Charlie and Beth
 As you can see now they are moving it is a lot harder! 

Here is where I should say that it would just be impossible without daddy. Actually though 'it' just wouldn't exist without him (which is the same thing but sounded more romantic in my head). 

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  1. Great to hear about your kids getting bigger and doing more. Beth is beautiful with those big eyes. And she seems appropriately petite next to the boys. I love reading your updates.