Sunday, 25 August 2013

Skype and shoes

The family

Matt went away last week and it was not as bad as last time. Thank god! We talked to him on Skype every night, which highly confused the babies, but I think it did help them realise daddy wasnt gone.
Beth kept trying to ring daddy on her play phone, which is what she is doing here. 

Beth has taken to the whole walking business and shoots across the living room now on a regular basis. We need to get her some proper shoes.

I don't think Lex is very far behind. He keeps launching himself a few steps and stand there unaided until he realises and falls over. 

Charlie is continuing to move from the floor to running in about a month. He's now hanging off the furniture just holding on with one hand. 

The side effect of all this moving is that it is really hard to get pictures of them all together now! The one below of the boys has them looking upwards as I am singing Twinkle twinkle (with hand movements). 

All the kids are loving the 'wearing a hat' game. Apparently it's hilarious. 


We're back to the hospital at the beginning of September for their 6 monthly check up. Hopefully they will agree that the babies are coming on well. We're more than chuffed. 

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