Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mummy and Daddy's day off

For my birthday my special treat from Matt was a day off. We both took a day off work, Izzy looked after the kids as usual and we went to centretainment.

First on the agenda was bowling. Matt got frustrated that he didn't hit a strike and I got frustrated that I couldn't hit a pin! There was a kid next to us and he had little fences that came up when he bowled to keep his bowling ball out of the gutters. I was jealous! Anyway I discovered I was much better if I didn't think about it and just chucked it. It's much easier on the Wii.

After three games we turned our attention to air hockey - a game where we are more evenly matched, mostly because it simply involves randomised violence. I still lost but not as painfully! Well I say that but Matt took the opportunity to post my losing picture on Facebook so that was quite painful! 

Lunch was next and we had a lovely lunch in Bella Italia, after failing to eat in the Handmade Burger Co (they didn't cater for freaky coeliacs like me unless you like salad - and it was my day off). Finally we saw the new Star Trek film which Matt hated and I liked.

It was a lovely day and it was also great to come home and see our little beauties. It's great to have a day off (our first ever!) but also good to come home.

Big news with the babies is that Charlie has a new word...'wait!' This is because he is obsessed with knocking down towers of cups and I have to keep telling him to wait to give me a chance to build them before he attacks! Monday I kept hearing this tiny voice say 'Wait! Wait!' - I thought I was imagining it because it sounded so clear. But's Charlie's next word. Who knows when he will say 'Mama!' It must have been very tiring for him because today he fell asleep in his lunch and Beth took advantage.

Lex is trying to pull himself up to stand. He can do this but I think he is freaked out once he gets there because he looks very confused and sobs a bit. I think the new perspective throws him! He is, as always, easy to cheer up though and at the moment if I adopt a Sybil Fawlty voice he cracks up.

Beth has taken up pointing and hats. 

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