Thursday, 30 May 2013

Birthday babies

Today was mummy's birthday. Last year on her birthday Mummy got her first triple baby pile on. (Pile on is copyright Rebecca Jayne Peacock White). A year on we repeated this and the photos look a little bit different! 

Last year:

This year

How things have changed :-) Its a little easier to identify who is who now for a start. 

Beth has progressed to letting go of the sofa and discovering gravity. Thankfully the padded nappies are there to ease the burden. Lex is enjoying sitting up and watching the tv (as evidenced in the picture) but he is trying to stand. Charlie can't be bothered with sitting or standing, he is though breakdancing. He leaves his head in a fixed position and then spins round and round. He has decided that this Shows his Groovy Moves (Show Me Show Me - Cbeebies for the uninitiated). 

The babies are now mixing with other babies. Izzy, their nanny, takes them to the library every week so they can mix. In a few weeks they are trying the pub. Mummy and Daddy are socialising as well. They had a nice meal in Silversmiths and next week are going to the cinema :-O Actually the babies do more socialising than mummy and daddy. 

They are growing up very quickly. We have to be very sharp to keep up with them!