Thursday, 18 April 2013

They might be giants..

Another week in the Cunnington household and another trip to the hospital. It was time for the babies' first year development check up. This was the first check up where we had mobile babies. It was quite a feat managing to keep all three in check, especially as Beth decided she had the free run of reception. She decided to help out and went behind the desk to "sort" some papers. She did so well they have taken her on a part time basis.

All three babies were weighed and prodded. They came in at:

  • Lex - 21lb 2 (up from 20lb 1) - length 74.1
  • Beth - 15lb 13 (up from 15lb 7) - length 71.5
  • Our Chaz - 17lb 11 (up from 17lb 2) - length 71.3cm
The consultant then told us their projected heights for when they are older and it came as quite a shock, considering they were 11 weeks premature. Estimated adults heights are:
  • Lex, 5'11"
  • Our Chaz, 5'8"
  • Beth, 5'5"
Considering how diddy they were when they were born this mean we have had to abandon our plans to market the kids as the new Ooompah Loompahs :-(

Each of the babies then had an assessment to determine their motor skills. They were put through a rigorous regime, somewhat like the Krypton Factor assault course. Charlie enjoyed the assessment chart so much he tried to eat it and Lex wanted to be assessed so much he kept butting in on the others trials.

After enduring the Seven Labours of Hercules the gods pronounced their judgement and stated that:
  • Beth was well above where she should be
  • Lex slightly above average; and
  • Charlie was riding the curve exactly where he should be
This is of course testament to the wonderful parenting skills of mummy and daddy, aided of course by grannies and legions of aunties and uncles and not forgetting Show Me, Show Me which has taught all the babies to show their groovy moves.

Therefore we are able to show you some now and to be pictures for the babies based on their motor skills assessments:



and of course Beth

We have to thank Chris for Beth's evil training and for Peggy for teaching her about volcanoes she can hollow out for her lair.

It has been a rollercoaster year, from the days when we wondered how many babies would make it (the stats say that only 25% of triplets born early will make it to due date without any major complications) to the first roll, the first words and the first crawl. Thankfully we made it! Here's to the many years to come and more firsts :-)

Charlie, Lex and Beth

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  1. Wow!! You have all done so well which is incredibly heartening after the statistical battering you have endured. Pat yourselves on the back!!

    Lesley xxx