Friday, 4 January 2013

The Plague House

Since well before Christmas someone has been ill in this house. First Matt caught flu, probably somewhere along Division street on his Christmas do.

He was ill the week leading up to Christmas and took to his bed for a few days. Unfortunately this meant I missed my works Christmas do. Matt had to miss football as well.

Then the babies started to come down with it and expressed it in their own individual way.

Lex got it first and vomited but kept smiling. Beth wasnt so happy as some splashed her!

Then Charlie came down with it on Boxing Day and I've already recorded our trip to A&E. Beth was next and just cried for two days.

We thought we were through it but now they are coming down with colds! Argh!

One good thing over Christmas has been seeing lots of people, yes it does mean more bugs for the babies to catch but also socialising for them and us! Below are some pics as proof.

They are:
The babies all wrapped up
Auntie Elaine and the babies
Uncle Chris and Beth
Grandma Cunnington feeding Charlie
Auntie Julie and cousins John and Patrick with Beth
Charlie and Beth
Auntie Bex and the gang

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