Thursday, 10 January 2013

Raspberries and the wall of death

The babies have been changing lots so thought it was worth recording.

All of them are loving bouncing frogs, animal noises, photos, rolling around on the floor and playing in the bouncer.

All of them hate being in the bouncy chairs, having their nails trimmed and sleeping past 5.30am.

They are interacting with each other much more. There is more smiling at each other and fighting. We are trying to get them to sit up but, at the moment, they are not sure of the point and tend to chuck themselves backwards.


Charlie is getting more and more of a vocabulary. Unfortunately we think it might be Polish! He rolls around lots but is less keen on rolling back.

He has discovered that the bars on his cot turn and he squeaks them regularly.


Lex is a bit scary. He rolls over, gets on his hands and knees - and today then straightened his legs so we are now wondering if he is going to miss crawling and go straight to walking.

Lex has discovered that one side of his cot rattles and he does that frequently. He sees the cot a little like a 'wall of death' and throws himself around in it in an attempt to gain enough momentum to escape.


Beth is still obsessed with the bouncer and her daddy. She still hates drinking milk but loves her food. This week she learnt to blow raspberries and has done so frequently.

She is becoming much more vocal and is gabbling away in a gentle voice, unlike Charlie's shout.

Pictures are:
The boys with granny
When babies attack
Charlie and Beth (blowing a raspberry)
Lex and his daddy

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  1. You're babies are so cute. I love checking in on them to see new photos and updates (even though I don't really know any of them!). I've been following your blog for years and am so pleased to see those happy little faces!