Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lock in

Thanks to the weather I've been under a self imposed lock in for the past week or so (don't want to work out how long it had been since I left the house!).

The babies have been a mixture of fantastic and frustrating. Frustrating in that since Christmas their sleep has been very broken. We've had many tears and much screaming. Beth seems to have decided that if I am not by her bedside when she wakes, at any point in the night, then I must be gone. She will then wail like a banshee. She will also only be comforted by me which has not been very nice for her adoring daddy.

The boys continue to be so excited by life that 4.30am-5.30am is the ultimate waking up time. They are wrong!

Once their day time naps started going haywire as well we knew it was time for a change! So I've changed nap times and tried to be an omnipresent force for Beth. In the past few days things have improved - long may that continue!

Now for the fantastic! Well Charlie said his first word 'da da' although his da da doesn't entirely believe me. Lex is continuing his quest to rise to his feet and Beth can sit up for brief moments.

On top of that they are now playing more together. This generally means stealing toys from each other but that's play isn't it? Lex decided today to stroke Charlie's face. Charlie was smiling away but he did end up with a scratch down his cheek! Lex also decided Beth was fascinating at lunch and stared at her the entire meal. It made feeding him tricky as he was not concentrating.

They are also hard to keep still and are rarely where I put them when I get back. Usually they move into head kicking formation.

All in all they are great fun but it'd be nice to get more sleep!

Pictures are:
Beth unimpressed with her tea
The babies where I put them
Where they end up
Lex and Beth playing
Guess who isn't going to have that toy for long?
Beth and Lex

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  1. I love your blogs :-) their growing so fast, soon be climbing ;-)