Thursday, 27 December 2012

A trip to A&E for Boxing Day

Just after I'd posted the last blog Charlie woke up from his nap with a cough and wheezing. We rang NHS direct who got the out of hours GP to ring.

I just wanted to know when to panic. They said we should go to the Children's Hospital A&E 'reasonably soon.' That made me a little panicky!

Anyway luckily Matts mum is here so she helped Matt with the other two whilst I drove Charlie down to A&E.

We had to wait a bit to be seen so I got to do some people watching. One woman came in carrying a child of about 7. The kid had bare feet! This on a wet night in December. Maybe he refused shoes.

There were lots of coughing children so I kept the prams raincover on. We had been advised to ask for a separate waiting area but they didn't have any available.

Anyway Charlie drank a whole bottle of milk and had his first jar of food (rice pudding which he liked) so he wasnt off his food. We saw a nurse who checked his sats (oxygen saturation levels) which were 100% so that was good. Then after another hour we saw a doctor who checked his lungs, ears and throat.

She said he has a viral infection and to just keep an eye on him. She also said he was the smiliest baby she'd ever seen.

Today he's still a bit tired and slightly snotty but otherwise fine. Phew!

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