Thursday, 16 August 2012

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Looking nothing alike...
Lots of news in the Cunnington zoo. First things first the mystery baby from the last post was Charlie. The boys are getting more and more alike - we have all been caught out once or twice.

The health visitor from the hospital came round and it turns out the babies are doing so well they don't want to come any more. Bit of a shame as the woman who came out knew everything and that was quite handy!

Mummy and Daddy sad to leave the babies
When she was round Lex was chattering away and she was totally smitten 'he's so bright!' she kept saying.

This last Tuesday was our wedding anniversary and thanks to my mum we got to go out - to the pub! It was odd. We had conversations...with wine.

Wednesday the local health visitor came out and weighed the babies. They are officially huge! Beth is 9 pounds, Charlie 10 pound 4 and Lex 12 pounds! She is so happy she's not coming back for a month. It's like they trust us with the babies....

Then Wednesday night Matt and I treated ourselves to a night nanny, it was great! The nanny stayed in the room with the babies and we slept. Quite a treat!

Charlie, Lex and Beth have a chat about hating baths
Tonight it's been bath night and there's been lots of screaming. They hate baths. Nevermind. Tomorrow we're meeting Andrea, Simon, Lily and Alfie for a walk to the park then granny Cunnington is up for the weekend.

Sunday both my sisters are up with their kids so the babies get to meet their cousins. Very excited! There will be pics...

10 pound 4
12 pounds!
9 pounds

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