Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cabbage Patch Kids

We hit 27 weeks yesterday. Average survival rates at 27 weeks are over 90% and disability rates less than 15%. The babies are the size of cauliflowers now. Matt says they are the cabbage patch kids.

Today we had another scan. The babies are growing really well! Last time they were scanned was about 2 weeks ago.

Baby Girl - 2 pounds (gained 10oz)
Bigger baby boy - 2 pounds (gained 7oz)
Smaller baby boy - 1lb 12oz (gained 9oz)

So the girl has caught the bigger boy up and coming up fast from the rear is the smaller boy - who is doing great. Both the 2 pounders are within normal limits for single babies and the smaller boy is catching up well.

The consultant says we are doing really well and said that even if they came today 'They should be fine.'

Hurrah! We're still aiming for 34 weeks (about 24th April) but we'll see how it goes.

I'm getting bigger and bigger. I feel a bit like this...

Except the cakes are yummy gluten free, home made scones. The midwife said today that as I'm carrying 3 I'm pretty much the same as a woman at the end of a single pregnancy now - in symptoms. That'd explain my swollen trotter feet!

We're getting lots of work done on the house - extending the block paving at the front to make room for a 7 seater car, creating a patio at the back and getting the stairs recarpeted. Soon there will be no thick pile purple carpet anywhere in the house. I shall almost miss it. Almost.

Next week I have to drink the glucose drink of death (gestational diabetes test) and then we have another scan in two weeks. It's all go in triplet world!

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  1. Oh my - 3 bouncing babies only a few weeks away!! Or 3 healthy cauliflowers if you would prefer....

    How exciting. Keep it up chuck.

    Lesley x