Tuesday, 13 March 2012

28 Weeks

28 weeks today. Survival rates are well over 90% and disability rates under 10% if they came today. All is good.

My strange pregnancy app tells me the babies should be around 2lb 2 1/2oz. They are 14.8 inches long and their veg de jour is the chinese cabbage.

I've just started the third trimester and the app tells me to start getting ready. Start? We've been sorting things for months now. We've had the front paving extending to take the new baby wagon (which we bought this weekend). We're getting part of the back garden done to help getting the giant buggy/tank out and about but also because I have this dream of small children rushing about on plastic cars.

Today we're getting the carpet on the stairs done and I will continue my new role - clothes sorter and washer woman. Our lovely friends have been donating cothes and blankets to the cause - and I am very keen to get it all sized, washed and put away. This is hampered by my getting teary at every cute outfit I pick up - and there are lots of them!

It is also hampered by my expanding form. Here I am - photo taken yesterday. As you can see they are growing well. It does mean that certain actions are becoming quite tricky - e.g. turning over in bed, getting up from the sofa and walking more than a few feet.

We're still aiming for 34 weeks so there's potentially another 6 weeks of growth to go. I may need a carer by then!

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