Friday, 20 June 2014

Hospitals, trains and patios

You may remember, if you are a long time reader of this blog, that we were advised that having triplets was a roller coaster. This week is, a little more that the usual week, been proving the point.

Over the weekend all the kids got snotty and we thought it might be hay fever. Luckily it was 'just' a virus but by 2am Sunday night we were off to A&E with both Charlie (wheezing) and Beth (panting). They both thought it was the most exciting thing ever. Beth was quickly released but Charlie was admitted - again! 

Cue lack of sleep for all of us. Charlie was basically fine and spent his time bouncing (literally) off the sides of the cot. Meanwhile the other two were home with Daddy and Granny. I had to work on the Tuesday because I couldn't afford to use annual leave. By Tuesday night we were both basically crawling but Game of Thrones got us through.

I have also been turned down for MA funding and a job in the last week!

Anyway this week we have also been watching football, which Lex claims to love, and mummy loves because she can sort the garden out. We received some free Brio trains and track which went down super well.  We've been playing loads in the garden (we removed a shed and discovered a patio) and also have played hats. There has been fun. 

We took the kids to the hospital for their 2 year check. All 3 have had their tests now. Lex's was reported in the last post (did well, voting UKIP). Beth did really well and Charlie did a lot more things than we thought he could! Thursday we saw a consultant at Jessops (where they were born) - she was happy with their progress, impressed that Beth pick pocketed her bleeper without her noticing, and they have all been discharged. So hurrah! 

Oh and Beth is becoming Jamiroquai.

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  1. Such cute photos amongst all that chaos. I really like the larger photos you have in this post. The kids are so cute, glad that they are all doing well in their check-ups.