Friday, 27 June 2014

Ball pits, trees and buggys

Somewhere, back in the mists of time, Matt and I used to have holidays that we returned from refreshed. This was before children! 

We are just back from 4 days in Sherwood Forest, Centreparcs and we are both knackered! Here at home we have a safe, fenced in home and a gated garden. We can let the kids run about and occasionally relax. When we go elsewhere they are free to do whatever they like - I read a book recently that described two year olds as being at a stage of 'maximum movement and minimum sense' this is very familiar. 

We did have a lovely time mind you - just not a restful one! It was lovely to spend time with Grandma Cunnington and her friend Frankie. The kids are smitten with both. 

Tuesday we went on a mini steam train. The response from the kids was mixed. Beth was quietly impressed, Charlie shouted (arms outstretched Titanic like) 'I did it! train!', and Lex had a complete spasm and could only be calmed by basically licking his mother. 

Afterwards, however we found a great play area and all 3 loved that! 

Wednesday we met Rupert Bear and went swimming. The pool was fantastic with a toddler pool and a larger pool. All 3 loved this but again Charlie threw himself into it - literally! 

Thursday we went to a toddler dance class. We thought it'd go well but it didn't really. They love music but it was more talking than music so they were more interested in going wherever we didn't want them to go. 

We did visit a good ball pit a couple of times (all outdoor toddler parks didn't seem to have gates!) which the kids loved although Charlie did manage to get past our door guard (Frankie) and run around a restaurant - apparently he scavved a chip off someone but did say 'thank you.'

Beth walked MILES. Grandma bought her a toy buggy and so everywhere we went she insisted on pushing her 'baby' doll in it. She would not be carried. 

Lex made sure he greeted everyone 'helloooo' was his frequent refrain. All 3 discovered a love for cake which I'm sure will last them a life time. 

We met lots of animals - rabbits, geese, ducks, squirrels and other birdies. Beth can now say 'squirrel' which is super cute. 

All in all we did lots and had great weather and company but are utterly shattered! That seems to be what holidays mean nowadays. Another upside though is that no- one went to hospital so yay! 

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  1. Sounds fab - just not my type of holiday (7 weeks to go and counting)