Monday, 24 March 2014

Second birthday

Yesterday was the kids birthday. I wrote an entire post last night but I've lost it! Never mind. I'll try again.

So this weekend we've taken the kids to the park, soft play centre and Heeley City Farm. The kids had a great time and we were exhausted! Luckily we had lots of help outdoors from both grandma's, Aunty Amanda, Aunty Chrissie and we were also visited by Aunties Andrea and Ted with their families, Uncle Gareth and David. It's been a busy weekend. Ooh and they got birthday wishes on cbeebies thanks to my mum sending in a card. 

The kids have lots of new presents, new clothes and, it looks like, another cold! We are blessed. 

It seems a good time to review their progress. 


Charlie is now 22 pounds. He loves trains, cars, saying 'ready, steady, go!' and singing. He hasn't quite mastered walking in one direction as he gets distracted by..well....everything. He's a lot more affectionate than he used to be and is very often smiling. He is often found on the sofa checking that the view remains unaltered.


Lex is now 24 pounds. He loves counting, his cow, cars and singing. He almost walks in one direction now. His emotions are very close to the surface and he smiles and tantrums often. He is cuddley too and is rarely found not holding a spoon.


Beth is 19 pounds. She loves fuss, role playing (putting toys to bed, tea parties etc), jigsaws and doing whatever you tell her not to do. She gets quite frustrated (and hitty) at times but is also capable of really sweet affection. She is the only one who kisses and hugs others. A few days ago she kissed my sore hand (from washing them so much!) better spontaneously. She loves her cuddles too and is often found wherever there is fuss to be had. 

We went back to Jessops a few days ago for their two year old check up. We were hoping they would all be discharged but it was not to be. Both boys are growing and developing well so they are discharged. Beth is developing well but isn't putting weight on quick enough. So we have to take her back in four months. 

So their second year of life is over. In some ways it has got easier as we do get sleep more often, but not as much as we'd like. It's not as lonely as the first year as I get to leave the house alone if only to work. We're working on getting more adult only time - Matt's started going gaming again and I'm hoping to sort a regular night out too. 

Days are a mix of great joy, laughs, singing, telling off, separating fights and exhausted tv watching. We still see ourselves as extremely lucky, just knackered as well! Happy birthday my beautiful children. We love you more than all the monkeys in the world. 

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