Saturday, 8 March 2014

Freedom and Wheezing

So this post was supposed to be a 'look at us acting like normal people' post and if I had written it last weekend it would have been. 

Last weekend Matt and I had a night off. My mum and sister Julie came to look after the kids - and furnished with a detailed written routine they let us free into the wild.

I know I'm supposed to say that I worried the whole time and kept checking my phone but I totally trusted them so I just relaxed. Besides Julie sent helpful 'they are all ok' updates that set my mind to rest. 

We stayed at the East Lodge Hotel, which is lovely, in a very posh room. The food was lovely and it was a bit like the old days for us. Which was also lovely. 

It was a bit touch and go at one point whether we would get the chance to go as Charlie was quite wheezy but he rallied thankfully. 

Unfortunately this didn't last and Thursday we had to take him into A and E. Now it's Saturday night and instead of a glamorous meal like last week I'm typing this in the dark on the ward next to his cot. It's 8.52 and, by complete coincidence, International women's day. Happy women's day to you all. 

We're hoping he can come home tomorrow. The other two have been missing him badly. Beth keeps pointing to his cot and high chair and saying 'Char Char?' Lex just looks extremely sad and when I showed him a picture of Charlie he just said 'buh bye.'

We skyped today so they could see each other and I think that helped but this separation isn't good for anyone. 

Sorry not a chirpy update but it's been a hard few weeks. 

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