Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Dizzy Valentine

Another busy week - but then they all are in the baby zoo. We had another baby visiting - Florrie who is nearly 3 months old and in the same size clothes as Beth!

The babies seem to be trying to break me bit by bit. It's not just the lifting and carrying, which is getting harder and harder, but then Wednesday night I was holding Lex and Matt was just about to take him off me. Lex got all excited and wriggled - nutting me hard on the cheekbone! He was fine whereas my cheek throbbed for a few hours.

Anyway next day was Valentine's day and in a romantic frenzy we ate steak, had a glass or two of wine and were asleep by 10pm! We really know how to live!

Today (Sunday) I woke up feeling dizzy, sick and with my cheek throbbing again. I rang NHS direct just to check it wasn't anything bad and the triage person I spoke to went through some questions then said 'I'm finding it hard to figure out if you have a virus or a serious head injury!'

Oh good! A nurse rang back and again she struggled but in the end decided it was a virus - so Matt sent me back to bed. He'd been out late the night before so unfortunately missed his lie in.

I'm feeling a bit better now - still dizzy though so Matt's going to have the day off tomorrow to carry babies up and down stairs.

In other news they are all still cute and gorgeous (including daddy!).

Photos are:
Mummy and Beth
Mummy and Charlie
Mummy and Lex
Charlie (mummy's having a close up photo week)

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