Friday, 8 February 2013

Big news (for us)

It is a big news week. Today we left the house and went shopping! Yes me, the babies and grandma went to the shops. I was far too excited. Probably not good I was driving then but we got there safely.

It is amazing the logistical challenges just getting out and about can bring. How do you put the babies in the car when you have three? If you take one out you have two alone in the house. Today, for example, I came back to get Lex and he'd been sick. Luckily grandma could deal with that but otherwise I'd have to lock Charlie in the car, deal with Lex then carry on.

Right outside the house was a group of school kids doing cycling proficiency. Including Jamie (auntie Teds son). They all watched as we pulled away. I have occasionally bunny hopped the van but luckily didn't this time.

Anyway next I think I'll try a trip to a park on my own with the triple buggy in the back of the car. Then we can step up to people's houses and baby groups.

Other big news is that Beth said 'Ma Ma' for the first time. It really meant loads to me as it was the first time anyone called me their mother. Just reminded me that the stress, expense and physical strain to have them was completely worth it.

Beth has also decided sitting up is the thing to do. She looks so grown up sat up whilst the boys roll around her.

Charlie is getting much better at rolling from his front to his back. He's still working on his words at 5am and I'm sure he said 'bye bye' a few days ago.

So now there is a competition on to see what Lex's first word will be. We have one 'Ma Ma' and one 'Da Da.' Any bets? Matt thinks his first words will be 'feed me' as he does Iove his food.

Photos are:
- What's missing in this picture of Lex?
- There it is!
- Beth just after saying 'Ma Ma'
- Grandma and sitting up Beth
- Lex wonders where his sandwich has gone
- There it is! (Charlie)
- Proof that we went to the shops. Lex is trying to escape from the buggy.

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