Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Holidays within holidays

**WARNING** This weeks blog has mucho videos and pictures.

We are back from our holiday. Before we went Aunty Chrissy came to visit.

Daddy and Chrissy took the babies to the park and allowed Beth loose and boy did she take to this like a duck to water. She was rushing around like nobodies business. She made a bid for freedom toward the gate but was headed off at the pass by a quick witted Chrissy. The babies were whizzing up and down slides, swinging high and round and round on the roundabout.

The following weekend Grandma Cunnington came up and we all piled into the cars and zoomed up to Filey. We were staying at "The Bay" resort just outside Filey. The house was great, plenty of room for the kids to run around in and a beach nearby. The pub was just a minutes walk from the front door, hurrah.

The house was suitably baby proofed but Beth has taken a leaf out of the Velociraptor's book and was probing all the fences for weaknesses.

We spent the Monday on the beach. It was windy but we all had fun. Beth was zooming off in all directions with an ever vigilant minder alongside. Our Chaz joined in by crawling off the mat and head first into the sand which he found hilarious and somewhat tasty. Lex was a little less adventureous and stayed on the mat gingerly touching the sand to see what it did.

We spent Tuesday in Filey eating chips on the seafront. Lex especially liked this, he had many chips. Many many chips. Beth was in her element waving at everybody along the seafront and lapping up the attention.

Wednesday was not so good. Lex and Charlie woke up with wheezy chests. The boys were taken into Scarborough. The doctor saw them and decided they had to be admitted to hospital as he was not happy saying they had an infection and were only breathing easily with nebulisers. So off to the hospital. Each of the boys got their own ambulance, Daddy rode with Charlie and he got blues and twos to get through traffic and seemed very happy with this. Unfortunately the boys had to stay in overnight as the hospital wanted to monitor them. Mummy stayed with them and Daddy went back to relieve Grandma. Thank god Grandma was here to help. Beth seemed to enjoy her one on one Grandma time but kept looking around for her brothers and pointing at the door. The boys were happy with the fact they had on tap CBeebies:

The visit to hospital bought back a lot of memories from last year. The beeping machines and the worrying. After a very sleepless night for Mummy we were very relieved to be told the boys could go home with inhalers.

On the Friday the holiday resumed for its last day and we all headed back to Scarborough. This time to the seafront. Scarborough was lovely. Very old school seaside, lovely Victorian hotels and donkeys on the beach:

The holiday was over all too quickly thanks to our unscheduled holiday within a holiday at the hospital. Next year we have decided to try Great Ormond Street for the boys. Mummy and Daddy can stay at a nice fancy London hotel. We enjoyed it, Grandma loved making sandcastles, a little too much as she warned off Beth from destroying them :-)

We returned home and Lex decided that Beth was hogging all the limelight and decided enough was enough and lets get walking:

He is very pleased with himself but does look a bit drunk sometimes staggering around. He has though mastered going backwards, so much so he does a passable Moonwalk but we are yet to catch this on video.

The babies have also really started interacting with each other and mummy managed to catch this lovely video:

We call this "going gah". Its lovely to see them playing with each other. They have ready made playmates.

Finally the boys decided whilst they were away to form their own band:

Unfortunately they broke up due to musical differences.

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